Active Creative - The Performing Arts Club

At Active Creative – The Performing Arts Club, we offer a fabulous combination of Dance, Drama, Singing and Art for all ages.

The success of The Performing Arts Club has always been in our combination of thematically based classes, taught to a high standard, within a friendly and encouraging environment. By introducing children to the four different art forms with a creative, performance based focus we provide an opportunity for them to develop creatively, physically, musically and socially. Each discipline is led by a specialist, so that children experience quality, excellence and a love for each subject area.

The Performing Arts Club

Active Creative - The Performing Arts Club will provide children with stepping stones for creative and physical development, nurturing a passion for movement through the Arts and healthy living. The club teaches children about their bodies how they move and what they do. We also teach concepts such as space, rhythm, hand and eye co-ordination, balance and dynamics in the physical disciplines of Dance, Drama and Singing and colour, design, invention, creation and composition development through Art.

Our programme is recommended by education advisers, health visitors, musicians, dancers, and sports professionals, as a great way of introducing children to a lifelong enjoyment of the Arts.

The Clubs are hugely popular, they are fun, they are different and they sparkle. Children experience a new physical journey each time they begin a class, led by teachers who really love what they do and who want to inspire the children in their Art form.

Warm ups, creative movement, technique, choreography, improvisation, street / modern / fun and funky dance routines, performance skills.

Warm ups, creative movement games, mime, improvisation, acting skills and performance.

Confidence building activities, group and solo singing skills, vocal technique and performance skills in a variety of musical genres.

A variety of art based activities exploring a huge range of art mediums including, drawing, painting, collage, model making, sculpture, still life, cartoons and clay work.

Children enjoy activities working together in age appropriate groups and all classes are planned to encourage, develop and extend each child’s skills in each Arts discipline.

The Performing Arts Club works towards building children’s self awareness, self esteem and body awareness. We develop positive body images for everyone, embracing each child’s individuality, strength and weakness developing happy, healthy children with a love of the Arts.

If you would like The Performing Arts Club in your venue, school or sports facility then please call:

Active Creative Head Office 01438 831281 or email